Master Classes

Apple Flan Master Class

This apple flan, flavoured with lemon zest and cinnamon, makes a spectacular autumnal dessert. Although very simple, if care is taken with the presentation it has great visual appeal and can command a premium price. We sell ours for £12 for an 8” round and £18 for a 10” round.

1. Line 8” 0r 10” rings with sweetpaste and bake blind for about 10 minutes.  Cool on a rack.

2. Spread a thin layer of  cinnamon paste over the base of the flan case.

3. Pipe a ring of frangipan/almond cake mix around the edge of the flan (approx 15mm thick) so it comes up to 2/3 the height of the flan case. The frangipan acts as a “support” to the pastry as well as tasting good!

4. Fill the flan with apple mix. We use Mackle Bramley apple and mix it with chunks of fresh apples, cinnamon, lemon zest and raisins. HINT Take care to “dome” the mix to 1 ½ times the ring height in the centre as it will lose volume during baking. Ensure the mix comes to 4 mm below the edge of the flan case.

5. Peel and core the apples and slice into thin (2mm)  rings- we use an electric slicer. Carefully lay out the apple rings on the top of the mix. Ensure that they generously overlap to allow for shrinkage during baking, and that they sit under the rim of the pastry case.

6 Brush with a little melted butter and dust with fine icing sugar.

7. Bake at 170º for about 40 minutes, cool and then glaze with an apricot jam or gel.